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Pump and Valve Packings

Pump and Valve Packings
Die Formed Rings
Lantern Rings
Die Formed rings

Palmetto Packings Lattice Braid Premium Quality for Pumps & Valves suitable for all applications including

  • Steam & Super-Heated Steam
  • Acids Strong Chemicals & Alkalines
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Industry / Paper Recycling
  • Potable Water

We carry large stocks and we have absolutely all types of materials to match any Packing that you require.

  • Length Packing Standard Box Sizes
  • Die Formed Rings
  • Cut Lengths Pre Packed
  • Handy Packs – 1 metre Merchandise Packs
  • Packing Extractors

Die formed Rings Sets

Pressed Rings manufactured to exact Stuffing Box Sizes. Easy to Install, better seal with fewer gland adjustments, Packed and labelled with your Part Numbers, no wastage, longer life, better Inventory Management.

Lantern Rings

PTFE Glass Filled Lantern Rings manufactured for all Types of Pumps and Rotary equipment.

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