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Fire Sleeve

Fire Sleeve

Manufactured using Fiberglass Sleeve coated with High Grade Industrial Silicone on one side. All sizes can be manufactured to your requirements.


  • Protection against molten metal splash
  • Heat protection for Hoses and Cables

  • Thermal Insulation for Hoses and Piping

  • Thermal Protection against burns for employees

  • Very good abrasion resistance when moving Hoses and Cabling

  • Silicone Coating is resistant to water, most hydraulic fluids, lubrications oils and fuels

  • Outstanding flexibility

  • Available in lengths of up to 30 metres

Fiberglass Sleeving is available with or without Silicone Coating.

  • Non Standard sizes, short runs can be manufactured from Fiberglass Silicone Coated Cloth Slit then stitched and sewn, or manufactured using Velcro or Button Ties.

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